1, to join, fill in the "application form" to join, and join the city as well as the relevant information of intent berth;
2, corporate identity cards and other valid documents copy;
3, signed a letter of intent, to join the headquarters of the pre inspection fee burden (including inspection staff travel expenses, accommodation).

Field investigation District
1, the city and district premises investigation, and provide reference for project evaluation report;
2, with the franchisee to discuss the implementation of appropriate berth.

Signed a formal contract
1, with the franchisee signed a franchise agreement, and pay the fees according to the agreement (to join gold deposit);
2, on business issues, develop business headquarters schedule table.

The store decoration and preparation
1, help the headquarters design review;
2, while the headquarters management personnel arrangements decoration staff recruitment and training;
3, headquarters to assist in the development of business promotion program.

License for the acceptance of the decoration
1, according to the drawings for the acceptance of the decoration engineering;
2, decoration and began to apply for business license and other related procedures.

Personnel training
1, the headquarters staff training for new employees;
2, joined the shop staff to the headquarters of the internship training.

Shop before preparation
1, the equipment in place, technical equipment to carry out careful debugging;
2, personnel with in place, and to order the first batch of material.

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